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Our foundry covers 15000m2 and produces castings from a few grams in iron and 5kgs in steel, up to 25 tons finished mass in both iron and steels. Versatility across a broad range of industries ensures we have got your needs covered.
Moulding – High volume green sand, medium volume resin / boxless and low volume sodium silicate moulding systems cater for wide ranges of casting mass and quantity.

Metal ranges – Cupola, induction and arc furnace melting cater for irons from grey iron to 30% chrome irons, and steels from carbon to stainless steels.

We specialize in smelter ladles which we supply into Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Tel: +263 9 410221-5  
Fax: +263 9 409660 (Head Office) +263 9 409661 (Foundry)
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Khami Rd, Kelvin Industrial Sites, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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