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Our foundry covers 15000m2 and produces castings from a few grams in iron and 5kgs in steel, up to 25 tons finished mass in both iron and steels. Versatility across a broad range of industries ensures we have got your needs covered.


The 3 fabrication facilities, made up of heavy, light and sheet plate, are comprehensively equipped to handle a wide variety of work.


We have been designing and manufacturing cranes in Zimbabwe for nearly 40 years, with a range of cranes from 1.5 ton electric hoists up to 40 ton overhead cranes.


From its earliest days , Conollys has served the mining industry and continues to provide products today. Not only do we refurbish crushers and other mining equipment, but we also supply new equipment including gold elution units and carbon reactivation kilns, designed together with Peter Goosen.


Our comprehensively equipped machining facility covers a wide range of requirements, from light machining of small items up to extra heavy products such as girth gears.

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Fax: +263 9 409660 (Head Office) +263 9 409661 (Foundry)
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Khami Rd, Kelvin Industrial Sites, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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